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Little Linguists Language Academy

 Founded by Dr. Carroll Olson & Mrs. Krystle Winnie Flynn. They met through their mutual passion of learning different languages and their love for children!  They decided to pursue their passion and create a unique academy which provides language instruction through playful immersion.


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Our Mission

The classes are 100% immersion, no English is spoken; however, English is understood by our faculty to help your child navigate through their day.  Our lively immersion classes integrate play, music, movement, and art to engage children and connect the words and foreign sounds to familiar items and activities.

Our Mission:  In each class we strive to make a comfortable learning environment where children can discover the strength of knowing another language and be able to develop their cognitive skills, imagination, logical thought process while being in a group or during individual play. We will encourage social values such as respect for others and responsibility for oneself. Teachers will be involved in all the children's activities and conversations to help model correct grammar and enrich their vocabulary.

The components of the immersion academy include: pre-literacy skills, concept development of fine motor skills, storytelling, imagination, cognitive and fun games for developing second language acquisition and vocabulary. Our teaching methodology stimulates children to learn at their own pace and to feel excited about learning a foreign language. Learning activities encourage children to actively participate, feel comfortable and be eager to learn!

It is our goal to enable your child to become bilingual during the language acquistion window and explore different cultures pertaining to the language you choose. This will be a complete immersion experience, raising awareness of other cultures, demonstrating the importance of community, and appreciation of all cultures and people.

Resources that we have found inspirational and studies supporting  our theory of  language immersion.   There are also articles regarding the importance of bilingualism.